why vegetarian is not enough

So you’re a vegetarian, but having trouble giving up the cheese? These videos should help.

If you’re vegetarian, it’s likely you’re doing it for animals, health or the planet. However, eggs and dairy are just as cruel, harmful and unhealthy. Good news is there’s a vegan version of everything from milk, cheese and yoghurt so you don’t miss anything. Look in the ‘free from’ section in your supermarket (ambientfrozen and fresh). For animals, vegetarian is not enough, these resources explain why:

Short video on the hidden suffering behind animal products such as milk and eggs, and why vegetarians should go vegan.

A short video by Erin Janus which explains the reasons to ditch dairy in 5 minutes.

Web resource by Viva! which explains the truth behind the dairy industry, and why we should all ditch animal products such as milk and cheese.