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Your choices matter. Join the millions of us choosing vegan because it’s the most powerful decision we can make for animals; it’s also good for our health and the planet. 

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room”

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Recommended ‘Must sees’

New vegan, these documentaries are for you.

Probably the most powerful speech you’ll ever hear.

Also see this inspiring speech by Philip Wollen (see link here)

The Game Changers (Netflix and online)
1 hour 25 mins

Great documentary showing the amazing feats made possible by a plant-based diet. Backed by some big names – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, James Cameron – entertaining, informative and busts quite a few myths.

A short video by Erin Janus which explains the reasons to ditch dairy in 5 minutes.

A must watch, hugely powerful documentary showing all the ways animals are used by humans. Broken into chapters from puppy farms, fashion, entertainment, food, and animal testing. Although content can be challenging, you deserve to know the truth as it’s been hidden too long.

Earthlings is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (2005).

“Life changing” “Very powerful” “Made me see the world differently”

Cowspiracy (Netflix)
1 hour 30 mins

Check the website here: cowspiracy.com

Shows the true destruction of animal agriculture and what it does to our environment and planet. A must see for environmentalists. 

Shopping haul veganized

Visit the chilled, frozen, ‘free from’ sections in your supermarket or buy online.

click: Ocado.com (search ‘vegan)

click: The Vegan Kind online supermarket

Hash browns, beans, every vegetable, fruit, nut and seed is vegan!

Plant milk, cream = Oatly! (Barista edition) and soy cream are great for hot drinks. There are many plant milks so you’ll find your favourite. Most are fortified with vitamins, calcium and iodine without the baggage and cruelty associated with dairy.  Switch your plant milks around whenever you fancy: oat, hemp, soya, almond. See viva! for guides on going dairy-free.

Butter = Flora buttery, Vitalite Dairy Free.

Cheese = Might be in the ‘Free from’ chilled section or cheese section. Violife sliced and grated cheese. Tesco Vegan Red Leicester is a mid strength cheese. Applewood vegan cheese from Asda, is great if you like a smoky taste. There are so many vegan cheeses now available, just pick one you like!

Ice cream = supermarket own brand dairy-free (‘free from’ section). Swedish Glace, Booja Booja, Vegan Magnum are dairy-free.

Plant protein / meat alternatives = Oomph plant protein, Richmond meat free sausages, Linda McCartney quarter pounder vegan burgers (serve with vegan mayo). You might also like the vegan crispy duck free and chicken pieces. Supermarkets stock vegan meats (free from chilled and frozen sections). This is not bacon and This is not chicken are great and packed with protein. Beyond Meat is a little more pricey but great as a treat. *not all Linda McCartney products are vegan, check label.

Nuggets / Chicken free slices = Vegetarian Butcher, M&S Plant Kitchen. Quorn slices. *not all Quorn is vegan, check label.

Fingers = Bird’s Eye veggie fingers, vegan prawns & scampi (frozen section)

Chocolate / Snacks = Milk: NoMo, Vego. Dark: Balance, Lordy Lord dark with cocoa nibs, Divine. Find ethical chocolate and snacks from animal aid website. Some supermarkets also do dairy free chocs, Morrisons “free from” buttons are cheap and cheerful. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are good sources of protein and fibre. Check out the Animal Aid website shop for goodies and you’ll be supporting a good cause when you buy.

Yoghurt, custard, dessert = Alpro and any dairy-free own brand versions. Alpro dark chocolate dessert is great if you’re a chocoholic.

Eggs = Check out egg free replacements and scrambled silken tofu.

Mayo – a few vegan versions available, including Hellman’s!

Check out: Ready to be vegan for links to recipes and apps.

Also popular

Because you’re looking into veganism, these documentaries and films may be of interest to you.

Okja (Netflix)
2 hours

The story of a giant pig named Okja who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and the girl who’ll do anything for him: funny, heartwarming, with many twists and turns.

Similar films: Babe, Free Willy, Ferdinand

Simon Amstell’s hilarious mockumentary about a vegan future and how younger generations would view our old meat eating habits. Find it on BBC iPlayer.

Find out the hidden truth about British animal farming.

Why be vegan? 

Million Dollar Vegan is a resource for those interested in climate change, with practical advice and tips to help protect future generations.

Short video summarising the benefits of veganism without anything nasty.

Why vegan? A very quick background for those who prefer to read rather than watch, presented by govegan.org.uk

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