vegan for the planet

You care about the planet, the environment and our futures.

It’s intriguing that there’s all sorts of publicity about environmental issues and we’re told to drive less, to cut greenhouse gas emissions, to save water and save the rainforest etc – but no-one mentions that the primary cause of environmental destruction is animal agriculture. Wonder why? 

This is a real eye-opener, showing the impact animal agriculture has on the planet. It’s the number one cause of rainforest deforestation, ocean dead zones, and greenhouse gases. See on Netflix. If you don’t have it, a friend is likely to, and Netflix offers a free trial. Cowspiracy DVD in different languages is also available at – merchandise.

For those that don’t have the time for the full version, here’s a 5-minute edit for you.

The Cowspiracy website carries a lot of the facts presented in the documentary, and is a great resource.

There’s also an infographic link here.

Million Dollar Vegan is a resource for those interested in climate change, with practical advice and tips to help protect future generations.

The Earth is on Fire: Animal Agriculture and the Global Environmental Impact by Dr Tushar Mehta

Dr Tushar Mehta presents an informative talk on the global environmental impact of animal agriculture. A well-structured 40 minute presentation packed with information that will really make you think.