Qs and As for younger audiences

Here are a bunch of quick resources for younger audiences.

Same messages on health and cruelty, but presented in a non-graphic way. Adults might like to view these too as they’re great to dip in and out of.

Thanks to Bite Size Vegan on Youtube for making a whole bunch of child-friendly videos, in bite-size chunks so they’re easily digestible.

Vegan Geezer on Youtube has a speech here, given to a pre-teen audience – 10/11 year olds.  However it’s great to watch for any age group.

Vegan Geezer also tailored his Youtube speech for a teenage audience.  Check it out.

Parenting and children

When your children saying they’re going vegan, it’s one of the kindest decisions they can make for animals, their health and for the future of our planet; here are some resources for parents. Of course, there’s no reason why all children can’t be vegan – it’s scientifically proven to be appropriate for all ages.

Check out Raisevegan.com for information and resources about parenting.

Check out this website; accompanies the magazine of the same name and provides resources and information from pregnancy, babies and toddlers through to teenage years.

Vegan Family Guide gives practical top tips for vegan pregnancy, vegan babies, vegan toddlers and vegan children. There’s vegan, zero waste, organic product swaps; and plant based baby info for all plant-powered parents.

Plus, fun outings and activities to try at home.

Check out Ruth Greenwood’s website – she’s published a book for 7-12 year olds, and the site has links to other authors’ books for young people.

Quick links

click: veganeasy.org – when your child says they’re going vegan