vegan for the animals

Veganism is about the animals and avoiding their exploitation and suffering.

Here are some resources covering the ethics behind veganism. Luckily, there are many other benefits of a vegan lifestyle too, including our environment and health, so we all win. Knowledge is power, so doing your own research is important. If you find yourself facing lots of questions or think you have reasons not to be vegan, the resource at the end of this page may be helpful.

A must watch, hugely powerful documentary showing all the ways animals are used by humans. Broken into chapters from puppy farms, fashion, entertainment, food, and animal testing. Although content can be challenging, you deserve to know the truth as it’s been hidden too long.

Earthlings is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (2005).

“Life changing” “Very powerful” “Made me see the world differently”

Dairy Is Scary (5 minutes, especially helpful for people who are already vegetarian)

Hogwood - a modern horror story

“We’re no stranger to conspiracy theories but documentary ‘HOGWOOD: a modern horror story’ reveals a real and shocking home-grown conspiracy that sheds light on the true impact of intensive farming.” An award-winning eye-opener about UK pig farming. Watch on Amazon prime, Apple TV and Google play.

Presented by Jerome Flynn (2020)

Produced by Viva!

The project – let’s change the world, and the film – watch and realise we can make a contribution towards a world filled with compassion and respect for one another. The film is definitely worth watching and there’s a link on the website so it won’t cost you anything but time.

This is for us Brits who think Earthlings doesn’t happen here. The reality of ‘high welfare’ ‘organic’  and ‘humane’ is likely to be very different to what we’ve all been told. This documentary is similar to Earthlings, uses current UK footage and can be challenging but it’s the truth.

Documentary ‘Dominion’ pulls the lid off modern day animal agriculture, exploring the morality of our dominion over the vulnerable. A powerful inside look into how animals are treated with undercover footage and drones.

Check out the website at

Before ‘Dominion’ there was ‘Lucent’ – by the same people, a crowd-funded documentary that shone a light on pig farming in Australia in 2013.

This site features commonly asked questions and responses, ranging from ethics to health. “Humanely slaughtering the arguments for animal exploitation.”