ready to be vegan

Want to go vegan?

Would you like to be vegan but don’t know how to or where to start? Already decided to be vegan and want to find out the best sources of plant protein or the latest news – here are some great links to make your life easier and save you time!

If you’re on a vegan journey, you might have lots of questions on the way. Challenge 22 is here to support you for 22 days, free. You’ll receive a personal mentor and access to professional nutritional advice. If you reach 22 days, it’s likely you’ll be vegan for life as it takes 21 days to break a habit. Simply sign up on Facebook.

Veganuary – coined from trying Vegan in January – is a charity that provides help and online resources to support anyone who wants to try being vegan for a month. Sign up for the challenge – it’s free, though you can donate to the charity if you want to. Remember, Veganuary is for any time, not just January! People often report feeling better after, so give it  a whirl, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Happy Cow - app to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you

Happy Cow is a brilliant app which shows you all the vegan restaurants and food shops around the world. 

Happy Cow - app to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you

Spoon Guru is a convenient, time saving app. Just scan any product barcode as you shop and it’ll let you know if it’s vegan!

Plant Based News is a great resource on the web, Instagram and YouTube.  Check them out for all the latest news and events in the vegan world.

Food and recipes


Amazing chocolate brownies – WOW! Dairy and egg free!

This recipe gives you the best brownies ever – chocolately, moreish and best of all – free from eggs and dairy. Really simple and just 30 mins from start to scrummy.

Gaz Oakley brings great vegan recipes to Youtube, and you might want to check out his book, Vegan 100.

BOSH! is a great website featuring fast, easy to make, amazing, tasty recipes – and it’s all vegan. They also have a lot of videos to help out on the BOSH YouTube channel.