go vegan - save lives

If you’re thinking about veganism, here are some YouTube video links to inspiring speeches that will help you.

Thanks so much for looking into veganism for animals, health and the planet. The videos below are some of the most inspiring speeches ever.

It’s worth checking out the content provided by the educators/activists as they have to deal with all the same “reasons not to” over and over – so anything stopping you is bound to be covered there!

Philip Wollen is an ex-Vice President of Citibank. As a result of witnessing animal suffering, he decided to quit his job and give away 90% of his fortune. He set up the Kindness Trust to support good causes that are in line with his ethical goals. This speech was 10 minutes in a debate at the Wheeler Centre, entitled “Animals should be off the menu”.

Gary Yourofsky has probably inspired more people to go Vegan than any other person; this link is to his full speech in 2010.

Joey Carbstrong is a Vegan activist and educator. A genuine, compassionate guy who turned his life around to defend the innocent and help those who have been ignored by society. Check out this link to his YouTube channel to watch him help people make the connection and be vegan.

“We can never be truly at peace until we align our values, our morals with our actions”

Have a look at Joey’s website for more information.

Earthing Ed is a UK Vegan activist and educator, and is the guy behind Land of Hope and Glory. As his name suggests, he educates on behalf of all beings we share the planet with. He tours actively around the UK, including the Official Animal Rights march.

Have a look at Ed’s website for more information.

That Vegan Couple – Natasha and Luca – are Australian vegan activists with a very entertaining Youtube channel. They travel the world spreading the Vegan message, and also live a minimalist lifestyle. Check them out on Youtube, or at their website here.

Missed the talks at Vegan Campout 2019? Don’t worry – we went and recorded a few of them for you. Check them out on our very own YouTube channel.

Speakers include That Vegan Couple, Alex Hershaft, Dr Michael Klaper, James Aspey.